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David Pracise is one of the top tattooists in the Tristate right now. With clients ranging from Fetty Wap to Mama Jones, he tattoos them all. As a business owner and with his celebrity clientele he can’t be stopped.  But it hasn’t always been easy…

David has always had a knack for art. From his days growing up in Paterson, NJ he always stood out from his peers due to his natural talent and artistic ability. Everyone always had high expectations for him. David overcame the adversity of growing up in a low income neighborhood by dedicating all his time to his artwork and staying out of the streets.

He soon became an airbrush artist. Airbrushing custom clothes and shoes for customers. People also would frequently ask him to sketch custom tattoo designs for them. That’s when the lightbulb first went off. Instead of designing tattoos for clients he decided to try his hand at tattooing. He ordered his first tattoo kit 8 years ago and tried his hand at tattooing. David was self taught, watching You tube tutorials and videos. Pretty soon it became apparent that he was a natural. 

He worked at his first shop in NYC shortly afterwards and began building a clientele. He slowly began making a name for himself in this competitive industry. But David had bigger dreams for himself. He set the goal to own his own tattoo shop. And after a few years he made that dream a reality. David became owner of Art n Soul Tattoo Studio in 2014. He hired a group of talented artists to team up with him and to help make his shop a success. 

Pracise specializes in Black and Grey realism and portraits but he has the ability to tattoo any style.  He has been featured in magazines and music videos. David Pracise is also very involved in the tattoo convention circuit. 

The sky is the limit for David Pracise and stay tuned because you never know what this young entrepreneur has up his sleeve.

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